Preparing for Class

Hello and welcome to the beginning of an incredible learning experience. First let me congratulate you for investing into yourself and if you have one... your business. Before you begin there are some preliminary tasks for you to complete.

Complete this questionnaire

I would like you to purchase several text books that will be extremely helpful to have in your hopefully continuing floral design library. Follow the links to purchase them.

  1. Cultivated by Christin Geall
  2. A Guide to Floral Mechanics by Sarah Diligent & William Mazuch

Download the following two resources and keep them in a binder for constant reference. Before the class begins please study these two downloads about the care and handling of flowers.

There are many more books that I love but these are two that I will be drawing from.

You will need to purchase flowers for each assignment. You can utilize a local wholesaler, buy onlline through or fiftyflowers. You can also use artificial flowers to complete your assignments and if you do not have access to those I can also provide access through Ed London Wreath Company in Philadelphia.

As you design I will ask that you take a video of yourself creating. This video will be for you personal use each week as I will ask you to watch yourself create and then jot down areas you struggle with or observations you are making. I will also ask you to photograph your work from all angles so that you can do your own weekly critique.

You will need floral supplies for this course.

Staples of the class toolbox will be

  1. Good Floral Cutters - available at
  2. Chicken Wire (preferably plastic coated)
  3. Wax Floral Tape
  4. A Tool Belt or Apron - available at
  5. Spool Wire 20 and 22 gauge
  6. Floral Adhesive
  7. Floral Tape
  8. Heavy Gloves and a Rose Stripper
  9. Optional but helpful (bind-wire, rubber bands, floral knife)

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